For the past few days I’ve been messing around with BEADS!!
I thought I could never do that!
But, it’s really simple….LOL! You just crochet in round ….. with beads!



I tried with two sizes of beads – 9/0 and 11/0 – masters also use 15/0 …. I am not there yet! 🙂 I find 9/0 most therapeutic!

I also used several crochet threads and they all worked fine, 1.5 mm crochet hook and 1 mm crochet hook. Although 1 mm crochet hook is so small (smallest I use in my crochet is 3 mm :)) I found it the best for making crochet rope with beads.


It takes a little practice until you achieve your first rope and first few rows are especially tricky but once you see how your rope start to grow it is a true experience!


First you need to put some beads on your thread



and start crocheting the rope!




At the end of this post you will find the link for great video tutorial with some great beginners tips!


After little practice you will be able to create these beautiful bracelets …. or necklaces if you like! 🙂



And selection of beads is mind blowing!



You can find them in all sorts of colors!



I am addicted! 🙂


Once you feel comfortable making simple ropes you can start with patterns like these:





crochet beaded bracelet




crochet beaded bracelet



I think I could do this all day long! 🙂


You can also combine them with these cotton crochet bracelets. I like to wear them together.


crochet beaded bracelet


crochet beaded bracelet


Tutorial for them find here: CROCHET COTTON BRACELET

And great VIDEO tutorial for crochet beaded rope that I mentioned before is




I you are not convinced you can do it but you still like those bracelets you can purchase them finished in my Etsy shop!


Buy here – Crochet beaded bracelets!


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