How to make organza flower!

Are you in the mood to make some organza flowers!?!?!


If you are, you are in the right place!


These are so pretty and easy to make!
You will need about 10 minutes of your time! Can you believe that!?


And they can be used to embellish so many things
(baby booties, headbands, basket, bag, blanket, ponytail band….. you can even make a brooch – I love this idea)



To make the organza flower you will need small amount of organza fabric (of course), small piece of yarn (it can be any yarn but I like cotton) and yarn needle.
In the middle of the flower you can put crocheted flower and a bead like I did or just glue some beads.



Now let me show you how to make the organza flower! 🙂




First you will need to cut some circles from organza fabric (you can use any color you want and make at least 8 – for this flower I used 4 white and 4 pink)

you can help yourself with the piece of paper to make nice circles – the size of the circle is the size of a flower (I made mine about 8 cm/3.15 in)


organza flower


Fold one circle in half and pull yarn needle with some yarn through


organza flower


Fold and pull at least 8 petals (you can make the flower with more petals but don’t do it with less)


organza flower


Now just tighten the yarn and tie a knot and you got your flower done! 🙂


organza flower


See, I told you it is easy and quick 🙂


If you want to crochet a flower like me follow this pattern:


Start with chain 4, slst in first chain to join in a ring.

Round 1:

*ch 3, sc into the ring, repeat from * 5 times.

Round 2:

*slst in 3ch space, ch 1, 3 dc in same 3ch space, ch 1, slst in same space, repeat from * 5 times.



Now you can put in the middle whatever you want (or nothing, it is pretty as it is).


I made several with beads and glitter glue 🙂


organza flower


Tie a pin behind and you got perfect brooch (I love to wear these in the Summer)!


organza flower



I also used them to embellish my “MADE with HEART” baby set!

You can find this crochet pattern in my Etsy shop!



Baby booties

Baby headband



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