Snowflake hot pad

OK …. I’ll be honest with you!


I have to confess two things!


FIRST …. this is the first time I am crocheting a graph using bobble stitch!
and SECOND …. it breaks my heart just to think about putting hot pot on this snowflake!!!



So, let me tell you how this snowflake story began!


I was thinking about making something special for my Christmas dinner table this year and I told myself “I could make a hot pad!”

I think we all know who Sarah Zimmerman is and that you all have visited her site Repeat Crafter Me at least once!!! She has amazing graphs!

So I went there and started searching. There are so many beautiful graphs that it was really hard to choose only one. The one that caught my eye was Candy cane but I was not lazy so I scrolled down that post and found this amazing snowflake! …. “First time, only two colors, this is it!!!” The author of this graph is Anna M. Wesołowska!


I am also determined to make Candy cane too. It is my next WIP in line!


OK, now it’s time to start crocheting.


I chose to work with cotton because I don’t know how acrilyc yarn will react on heat. I used „Unitas Mirabela“ and 2mm crochet hook!


Here is a great video tutorial how to crochet a bobble stitch from Bella Coco. She is using both US and UK crochet terms while crocheting!


Since our graph is 25×25 squares, we need to start with 50 chains to have 25 bobbles. Using cotton and 2 mm crochet hook my starting chain is about 19 cm/7.5 in long. That is a perfect size for hot pad.

I made some small changes on bobble stitch when working this graph. At the end of a bobbles row I made a slst in the same stitch where the last bobble goes. I found that that way my last bobble is the same as the others, than ch2, turn, and continue to work sc row. Also, when starting a bobble row, I made ch2 instead of ch3.


Also while working with white yarn I crocheted around blue and while working with blue I crocheted around white. This way I got neat wrong side of the pad and didn’t have to cut blue yarn on every row. Stop carrying blue yarn after last blue bobble is made. When you are working the sc row crochet around blue yarn until you reach the first blue bobble of the next row.



When my whole snowflake was finished I added a border with hdc making 3 hdc in every stitch (in every sc of the last row, every bobble and sc of the both sides, and every chain).


And there you go!!!! Perfect addition to a Christmas dinner table is finished!!!



I think I will use mine for bowl or something less hot…. LOL …. but it will BE THERE!!!




I hope you enjoyed this short story and that it will inspire you to make some hot pads!!! 🙂
Happy crocheting!!! Enjoy the holidays!!! 🙂


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  1. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! I’m going to try it. I don’t know that I would use it as a hot pad…maybe a pretty kitchen decoration.

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